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Hangzhou Zhongleng Mechanic Electronic Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional manufacturer and supplier dedicates in manufacturing global commercial refrigeration compressors. Our products are supplied to domestic and overseas leading manufacturers of all types of ice makers display refrigerators, refrigerating cabinet, ice cream makers, and other kinds of commercial refrigerators. Our management policy is surviving on quality, developing on variety.

Our product type is the most advanced and stable type in the world, the crank shafts of most of our products apply double supporting structure, providing stable performance and long time serviceability. Imported precision processing and testing equipments enable us to produce main and critical precision components of the compressors in our own factory which insure good working accuracy and guarantee good quality of our compressors.

From the very beginning of product design to manufacturing and then quality control, we have a technical and engineering team, some of them are the first generation of Chinese compressor technician, learned and trained overseas with professional compressor manufacturing technic Professional technic and strict control in manufacturing and quality enable us to produce good products for our customers and meet the requirement of our customers.

So far we have developed more than thirty types of compressors,  including F/E/T/ three series of R600a, R134a, R404A and R22 refrigerant . We are supplying as good
quality as that of any domestic or overseas leading manufacturer of similar products.

Our faithful management and higher cost performance will bring mutual-benefit to our cooperation.

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