Sixth Congress of victories at CCCME

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Assistant Minister of Commerce Zhang Xiangchen in his speech said that in recent years , Electrical Association closely around " services Legislative Council ," the basic purpose, adhere to two-way service orientation service member enterprises, service government departments to promote the " five optimization " speed up " three building " and other key work as the main line , and actively carry out mechanical and electrical services and coordination in the field of foreign trade , to promote the health of China's import and export of electromechanical products , stability and sustainable development do a lot of concrete work . In the next step when it comes to CCCME Zhang assistant asked , chambers of commerce should continue to optimize our business structure , the integration of external resources and improve the overall strength of associations , enhancing service capabilities ; initiative to meet the management system reform , and further rationalize between the government and the Chamber of Commerce relationships clearly defined functions Chamber of Commerce , improve and standardize management ; insisted coordinated . Do foster both development and standardization of management , reform and transformation of government functions Chamber match .

Ministry of Civil Affairs of Nongovernmental Organizations Liao Hung , deputy director of the Electrical Association for many years inside the same building results and good role model in the industry plays in the organization affirmed in his speech , and I hope in the future to continue to strengthen self-construction associations , chambers of commerce to enhance the service capabilities and level ; build a high-quality , can fight were staff, give full play to the role of a bridge between the efforts to improve the industry representative ; focus of public investment efforts, but also emphasizes the effect of public investment , public welfare activities to try form their own characteristics, advantages and brand , to improve the social influence , social responsibility as an important work to do a good job .

Jing Zhang Yu , president of the General Assembly made ​​a work report of the Fifth Electrical Association Council, the Secretary-General Liu made ​​CCCME Fifth Council financial reports, Shi Yonghong , deputy chairman of the " Electrical Association draft amendments to the Articles " and " Electrical Association development Plan ( 2014-2018 ) , "the preparation are described.

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