Electromechanical realize the dream of the Press Series: unswervingly adhere to the three gripper

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 Achieve "happiness electromechanical equipment in the world," the electromechanical dream, we must insist on innovation-driven, quality and efficiency of development firm. The fundamental path is to adhere to the "doing fine stock, stronger incremental, continuous innovation" three gripper moved.

Three unswervingly adhere to the starting point must be a clear understanding of the issues and challenges facing the development of the Group. Electrical Group after nearly 14 years of development, the scale of strength, and the competitive capabilities are comparable to non-inception. However, economic globalization, international competition, manufacturing intelligence today, we must accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Electrical Group, to expedite the settlement "many, small, scattered, weak" and other development issues and challenges that exist, otherwise it will compete in the new defeated. Adhere to the three starting point, the core idea is to lead the group up and down the path of development from quantity to quality and efficiency benefits of change, the ideological development from passive to active adjustment to adapt to changes in the pattern of development from the pursuit of large changes to the pursuit of strong and refined.

Three unswervingly adhere to the starting point, we must accurately grasp the relationship between the three starting point. Three starting point, not isolated, unrelated, are mutually supporting, interdependent, organic combination of relationships. Three starting point, each connotation, but also different emphases. Three starting point, innovation is the soul, but also the starting point of the link connecting the three. Doing fine stock, the stock should not only better, more competitive, but also to large and say, dare to care, dare to do something to ensure the main highlight, excellent benefits. Stronger increment, which requires both long-term vision focused, determined and resolute courage, confidence is not afraid of failure, steadfastly cultivate new industries, new projects, but also do not ambitious, able to "do what, do my best." . Continuous innovation is the fundamental group Everlasting, both to danger, danger in thinking changed, the technology innovation persevere realistically do a good job, but also strive to promote the Group's operation and management mechanism innovation system, really mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff, creativity.

Three unswervingly adhere to the starting point, we must adhere to the top design step by step. "We must first sharpen his tools." Three starting point is a systematic project, in order to give full play to their utility, the power to achieve the desired results, we must insist on top-level design, step by step. Insist on top-level design that either do fine stock, stronger incremental, continuous innovation, we need to have a unified program of action, otherwise prone target is unclear, ideology is not uniform, each number appears each blow, each singing The tone on the surface everywhere, in the end nothing. Insist on step by step, an enterprise is required to carry out under the unified control of the Group's work, according to the top-level design and requirements planning, orderly, neither false start, do not be left behind.

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