World electromechanical product development status and trend analysis...

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        Import and export of electromechanical products from the world trade flows, the vast majority of cross-border flow of trade in machinery and electronic products, is among North America, Europe and other Asian countries has been formed internal or inter-regional trade group conducted regional trade blocs. From the perspective of economic globalization, the trade of electromechanical products to some extent, show a relatively concentrated geographically distributed.
Currently in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania countries export of electromechanical products accounted for 94% of the world export trade of mechanical and electrical products; mechanical and electrical products import these regions accounted for 85% of world trade in machinery and electronic products. As the world's electronic products mainly rely on the development of Europe, Asia, expand trade scale electromechanical products in North America, and therefore, these three areas of electromechanical products trade growth, reflecting the whole picture of the development of world trade and electronic products.

The proportion of high-tech electromechanical products trade increased significantly
The past 10 years, with information technology as the representative of the rapid development of high-tech industries, not only to accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring in developed countries, but also to get rid of some developing countries to rely solely on low labor cost advantage, to develop high-tech electromechanical products trade opportunities. Worldwide industrial restructuring led to the global pattern of mechanical and electrical products and marketing new changes. U.S., Japan in high-tech electromechanical products export annual growth rate of the total export of electromechanical products and the proportion of the fastest growing, the U.S. was 28%, 44%, compared with 32% in Japan, 39%.

The mechanical and electrical products industry trade firmer
Since World War II, international trade changes the most significant feature is the rapid growth of intra-industry trade, ie trade between similar products from different countries has greatly increased. The reason is that multinational corporations as the main mechanical and electrical products of globalization, accelerated the optimization of industrial structure adjustment of global electromechanical changed the tradition of many countries' imports of primary products - manufactured exports, "the business model, there have been many of the same industry both export and import trade in the industry. Not only does it make trade between countries increased significantly, but also makes between developing and developed countries and developing countries, increasing trade between each other. Booming multinational internal trade, making more and more electronic products intermediate products into the mainstream of world trade.
In the view of the U.S. economist Paul Krugman, "economies of scale" trade theory to analyze the mechanical and electrical products with increasing returns to scale characteristics, and high-tech electromechanical products into production requires a lot of R & D (research and development), the research and development of the have strong economies of scale to support. Multinational companies with large production scale, mechanical and electrical products trade in promoting economic globalization and trade liberalization leading multinationals, trade show production industry trend of expansion.

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